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To Sellers

Please beware of a scam where someone offers to buy your car with a certified check and comes up with a reason to write the check for significantly more than the asking price and request the seller to wire the difference to someone else.

They will send you a counterfeit check and your bank may clear the check, however, in a week or so, the check turns out to be counterfeit and the bank requires the car seller to cover the money for the phony check.

To avoid falling for such a scam call the issuing bank prior to accepting the check and then wait seven to ten days after deposit to find out if a check has cleared the issuing bank before doing anything with that money or handing over the title to the car.


To Buyers

If it sounds too good to be true than guess what? It has come to my attention that scammers will post fake ads using stolen credit cards. The address on the ad will be USA but usually the seller will be overseas. They will try to get you to Western Union cash. The phone number will probably not be valid. If you are on E-bay often you may have noticed the same problem there. The scammers will hi-jak someone else's profile so they will appear to have positive feedback. They will try to get you to make the deal outside of e-bay. Read the first line in this paragraph once more!

Never Western Union money to anyone especially overseas.
Scammers will reference third party shipping or escrow websites which are fake like these: - Scammer website
These are fake sites setup by scammers.

Below is a copy of an e-mail from one such low-life scammer:
As the seller, I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for
your interest in my 1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE. I know that you
have many choices out there and I appreciate your interest. I hope you are
serious in your intention for buying. Don`t take it personally, but I am
tired with people who offer to buy my car and in the end they turn out to be
scammers. Anyway, the car is available and I guess you could be the owner of
the Chevy if everything turns out all right and you are serious about
buying. Let me tell you a few things about it : the car is in excellent
condition, everything works and there is no sign of rust anywhere. The title
is clean and fully transferable. It is built for US market, it fully meets
all US emission standards and you will have no problems whatsoever
registering it there. It has 47,014 original miles. More specifications:

Engine: 427 cubic inch Tri-power with 435 hp Turbo-Jet V-8
Transmission: M21 Close Ratio 4-speed manual
Axle: Positract 355R
Exterior: Rally Red - Flawless Condition
Interior: Black Leather - Flawless Condition
Ignition: Full Transistor
Windshield: Factory Tinted

I can provide more photos and info if you like, and if you are indeed
interested in buying. The car belonged to my late husband, who died 8 months
ago serving in the UN peace keping force detached there from Slovakia. He
took great pride in his car and loved it a lot, but I really don`t like this
kind of classic cars, I just don`t see it as a woman`s car. I preffer
driving arround in my 911 Porsche. This is why I decided to sell the
Corvette. I am located in Bratislava, Slovakia. My final price on this is US
13.600$. I know it seems a little low, but I will be quite happy to get rid
of it, believe me, ever since my husband passed away, it just sits useless
in my garage, and nothing would make me happier than to know that the car
will be taken care of and loved as my husband Daniel did. If you will take
this price, I am willing to pay for shipping and insurance to your location.
I ONLY accept payment though a third party service, which will ensure the
funds and hold them until you have the car there, and will guarantee I get
the money after you have the car. If you are an honest buyer, I believe you
will have no objection to this. I do not know pretty much about theese
machines, but I will be happy to assist you in any way. Please get back to
me asap if you decide to buy, I can provide more photos and info if we can
close this deal.

Kimberly Zook
Brusta 29 Street
SK 355 67

This is the e-mail address that this person used: , although it was probably a hi-jacked e-mail, and was received from hotmail
This is the originating ip address which is actually from AOL:


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